Tuesday, May 31, 2011

House Update - 31MAY

I think the torrential rain has finally stopped!  If I remember correctly, in about 2 days we had almost 3 inches of rain.  That's on top of a completely saturated environment due to previous rain and snow melt.  Ridiculous!

At least its stopped and they started work on the lot.  Some very important things arrived on our lot. 

The backhoe that will be pulling all the stumps out!

Finally, the most important one....a Port-A-Potty.  

Once the rain had stopped though, they were able to start digging.  All the stumps are out along the 600 feet of driveway and they were even able to dig it out so its ready for gravel.  The gravel is supposed to go in today and since its nice and warm and sunny, I have no doubt that it will happen.  I think the guy operating the big backhoe will be pulling stumps from the house/yard area while the rest of the crew is laying the gravel.

Here are some pictures of the driveway looking away from the house (towards the road) and towards the house/yard.

We're pretty excited to see progress being made.  It will be awesome once they start digging the hole for the foundation!

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