Sunday, June 19, 2011

Stashbusting 2011 - Week 25

Its been quite a while since I posted for stash busting.  We've been really busy with moving and starting to build a new house.  However, I have gotten some sewing done.

I made the quilt top for my cousin who is having a baby next month (her first).  I also made a light-weight blanket (basically a quilt without any batting) for my niece.  I had made a real quilt for her when she was born, but in the summer its just too warm for her.  She wouldn't sleep with anything else though at night since it was made by Aunt Sarah.  So a lightweight blanket was requested.  I was able to make it completely out of my scraps from other baby quilts...and it looks very cute.

So here's the numbers for the past few weeks/months:
Added This Week:       0.0 yards
Added Year to Date:    37.64 yards
Used This Week:         4.35 yards
Used Year to Date:      21.01 yards
Net Year to Date:        16.63 yards


Amy said...

I'm amazed at the sewing you got accomplished with everything else going on. It is nice to know that your quilts are appreciated and loved.

katie z. said...

Sounds like you did lots. Good work!

Kate said...

Even with the move your stash numbers look good. Hope your move and build goes well.