Monday, July 11, 2011

House Update - 11 July

I haven't posted in a while since I was on vacation last week. A much needed vacation I might add. :-)

Rich and I didn't really go anywhere for vacation, but it was enough not going into work every day.  We spent some time with Rich's parents at Peck's Lake, some time with my parents at the rental house, shopping for house stuff, shopping for work clothes (we both needed them desperately) and spending time at the lot.

We saw quite a bit of progress last week.  At the end of my last post, we had the first floor framed.  Now we have the entire second floor framed, too.  The roof decking is also installed and they even started putting shingles onto the roof.  Here are some pictures from last week:

Family Room -- right side are windows, straight in the back is a fireplace (where its framed)
Roof trusses on the 2nd floor

Our builder even uses hurricane clips.  While we don't get hurricanes very often in upstate NY, its nice to see that he's doing things really well to make sure we won't have any problems with high winds.

Picture from the back of the house with most of the trusses up.  If you look over the right hand end of the house, it looks like there's a flat spot on the peak of the roof.  They just hadn't put up the peak trusses yet.

All the roof trusses are up and the decking started.  On the left hand side of the picture, you can see that the peak trusses are now up over the master bedroom.
View at the front of the house now that the roof decking is up.

Back of the house with the shingles started.

Today is another warm, sunny day out so we expect the framers to finish up with the roof today.  I think our windows will probably go in soon, too.  yay!  I can't wait to see the siding go up on the house!

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