Tuesday, July 12, 2011

House Update - 12 July

Before I jump into progress on the house yesterday, I wanted to share some pictures of the flowers at our rental.  When we first moved into the rental, I was a little bummed out that I wasn't going to have a lot of flowers this summer.  At our house in Scotia, we had lots of flowers and it was nice seeing them bloom all summer.

Earlier this spring though, I noticed that the woman who used to own the house we're renting had a few roses.  I've tried to clear out the grass around the roses, but its a losing battle!  However, over the past two weeks, I noticed some daylilies blooming next to the house.  They were hidden by some sumac that was taking over the area, so when my parents were visiting last week, my mom and I tore out all the junk plants around the daylilies (including a very invasive sumac and american grape vine).  In doing so, we've uncovered a ton of daylilies that are now clamoring for the sun.  Every day I see a new color pop-up.  Here's the colors so far:



This was the lily I first noticed since it was on the outside corner.  This one spurred the tearing out of the rest of the junk in that corner.  Its absolutely gorgeous!
So onto the house...

The framers/roofers finished the shingles on the main portion of the roof yesterday.  The roof cap isn't in yet, but I'm hoping it will go on today to help keep water out of the house.

They also framed out the chimney on the back of the house.  Even though the fireplace isn't in yet, the chimney is started and they have the materials for the flue.

The windows were also all delivered yesterday.  I didn't upload any pictures of them since they're pretty boring sitting in their boxes. ;-)  However, we have all the windows at the house including the sliding glass door for the back.  I'm hoping the builder will get the windows installed today....next will come siding! :-)

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