Friday, July 15, 2011

House Update - 15 July

This is a relatively "picture-free" post.  The builders finished up the roof and installed all the windows except the master bath.  Here's what things look like now:

The only windows not installed are the master bath windows and that's just because they need to get the tub in through the window.  Its possible to get the tub in through the doorways, but its just easier to lift it through the window with a crane...after all, its a cast iron tub!

We're supposed to have the electrical walk-through soon.  I think this will be one of the hardest things to do.  How do you decide where you want electrical outlets?  You have to kind of know where you want things in the room to make sure you put outlets where you need/want them.  Probably the only room that will be "easy" is the sewing room....just put lots of outlets on every wall. :-)

I probably won't have a lot of pictures of the house unless they put the siding on soon.  As we get into doing the interior (dry-wall, etc) then I'll be able to show more of the insides.  The pictures I have of the interior are a little hard to understand since you can "see through" the walls right now.

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