Monday, September 26, 2011

House Update - 26September2011

I haven't posted anything on the house in about 3 weeks or so.  Mainly because the taping of the drywall was taking FOREVER!  Or at least it seemed like forever.  The guy did a great job and it looks awesome, but it was somewhat frustrating to visit the house and essentially see nothing happening.  It takes a long time for one person to put 3 layers of spackle on all the seams in a ~3000 sq ft house!

The good news is...things are really picking up.  There were lots of materials delivered at the end of last week including the fake stone for the fireplace, tile for the bathroom and foyer and the hardwood floors.

The hardwood floors are actually installed now in their un-finished state.  They will be sanded in place and stained a rich brown color.

The foyer tile also looks really good.  Here's a picture from the 2nd floor which makes it easier to see the pattern.  Then there's another picture that's closer down so you can see the actual tile.

Finally, they started tiling the bathroom floor.  I agree, it looks kind of boring in this picture, but in person it looks really nice.  There's more color variation that you see on the tile in person than what the camera picks up.

We're hoping they'll finish up the foyer today and possibly start the shower tile.  Its definitely moving along now.

We were able to take a walk through our builder's last house when it was about at this stage.  It took them about 6 weeks to finish up everything else, so that puts us on track for finishing up 2nd week of November.  Hopefully they stay on this track! :-)

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