Thursday, September 1, 2011

Storm Pictures

Here are some pictures from the storm.

This first one was taken around 10:30am on August 28th.  This was across the street from our rental house and that's the tree that took out all our power...for 36 hours.

This is the "exit" of the culvert under the driveway at the new house.  The water was exploding from the end of it because there was so much water trying to get through the "small" 18-inch pipe.

This is what it was doing on the entrance side of the culvert.  Definitely a lot of water and there was so much that it couldn't all fit through the 18-inch pipe.

This is what the driveway actually looked like...  Because there was so much water trying to get through the culvert and it wouldn't fit, we actually had a really fast moving stream going across the entire width of the driveway.  Its hard to tell, but the water at the deepest spots was about 12" deep.  We walked through the shallowest areas and it was still well over ankle-deep water.

Here's some of the damage to the trees.  You can see a large poplar down in the front and then another one down way in the back.  The middle tree (the one that's bent) is was a really nice maple.  Unfortunately, a vine was tangled up between the poplar and maple, so when the poplar fell, it took the maple with it.  We're still trying to figure out how to cut that bent maple.  There's a ton of energy stored in that bent section, so we need to be very careful about it "springing" when its cut.

These downed trees are near our well.  Thankfully they didn't hit the well.  Just more trees to have to cut up at some point.  We're not quite sure how to get them down as they are pinned into some other trees.  We may need our neighbor's help since he has a large tractor that could probably pull the back end of the tree out from under itself such that the top section will fall.

This is just another view of the roots being pulled out from the trees near the well.

This picture is the "stream" that runs on the northern side of the property.  It is usually just a trickle this time of year, but on Sunday it was raging.  The actual bottom of the stream is about 2-3 feet below the top of the water in the picture.

These next pictures were taken on Monday, August 29th.  This is the creek all the way in the back of our property.  It was still flowing about 3 or 4 feet higher than normal, but you can tell that the water has gone down a lot compared to what it was.

In the first picture, you can see the reeds and plants that were essentially blown over by the force of the water.  Everything is "smooched" down in the direction of water flow.

In this picture, you can see the debris that got piled up on the bank.  It would have been cool to see the creek at its highest, but we didn't feel comfortable walking back through the woods to get there on Sunday.  The winds were still blowing a bit and we really didn't want to have a tree come down on top of us.

Soon I'll have some updated pictures of the house.  The siding on the outside is completely done and all the rooms have drywall up.  We think that they are taping the inside early this week such that they can start on all the finishing work.

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