Tuesday, September 6, 2011

House Update - 06September2011

 Things have been moving forward on the house, even if I haven't been posting pictures here. ;-)

Most of the pictures are rather boring at this stage since they are framing and electrical details.  Last week, the builder finish putting sheet-rock up throughout the house.  I have a bunch of pictures, but Blogger doesn't always like it when I upload pictures and it seems to be giving me fits today.  I'll have to try them again later.

Here's what we have right now though....

This picture is standing at the doorway of the mudroom and looking in towards the kitchen.  (Ignore my husband on the right hand side of the picture. ;-)  ).

This next picture is looking into the dining room.

This one is standing in the dining room and looking into the "formal" living room, which will actually be where we will eventually put a billiards table.

 Sorry for the sideways picture here.  I tried to turn it, but when it uploaded, Blogger put the picture back sideways....weird!  So we actually have real stairs now.  No handrail yet, but at least the stairs are there.

I'm hoping to get some better pictures later this week.  We've also started picking out paint colors, so that will be fun to see the color go up on the walls.  We trying to be relatively neutral for some areas...like the foyer, kitchen, family room and bedrooms.  However, the rest of the rooms are going to be pretty bold colors.  I guess we really got tired of having white walls in our last place and are willing to have someone else paint the bold colors to begin with. :-)

Enjoy the pictures!

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