Friday, October 14, 2011

House Update - 14October2011

It's been a while since I've done a house update post.  Progress has been made!! :-) 

Things were going slowly for a while there, but its definitely picking up now.  Every day we go over to the house there's something new.
Last week they were able to finish the tile in the foyer.  The picture is about 1.5 weeks old now, but the tile is all grouted and we have molding up everywhere in the foyer.  They also cut in around the molding for paint such that they only have to go back through with rollers.  We also have the handrail on the stairs now, so we don't have to worry about "falling" over the edge.

Our cabinets are all installed, too now.  Here's one of the cabinet sections for the kitchen island.  That's a 36" wide drawer and there's another 24" wide drawer next to it.  Its in a dark chocolate color, which is different from the rest of the cabinets in the kitchen.  I thought it would look nice to have the dark color for the island and then a somewhat lighter color for the rest of the kitchen.

Here's the rest of the kitchen cabinets.  They have more installed now, but since it gets dark so early, I can really only get pictures of the cabinets on weekends when we can get there during the day.

Here are the cabinets in the master bath.  Again, we went with dark chocolate in here.  The tile and the counters are all lighter in color, so the dark wood will look nice in there.

These next pictures are from last night (October 13th).  They started putting the stone up around the fireplace.  The picture really doesn't do it justice.  It looks REALLY good in person.  Sometimes colors just don't show up well in the photos.

And now for paint!  ;-)

The entire foyer isn't painted yet, but it will be the same color as the hallway upstairs.  The color is a little darker than the sample, but we had them paint the entire hallway before doing the foyer so that we could see what it looks like.  Its not as "mustardy" in real life as it shows in the picture.  It has a bit more tan to the color than the photo shows.

 The dining room is this lovely shade of red.  It looks spectacular!  Eventually, we will do molding boxes in white around the room, so it will break up the red a bit on the walls.  However, there's enough white on the ceiling and in the tray that its not too dark in the room.


The room adjacent to the dining room is where we plan to put a pool table.  Yes...its green and you see and red room right behind it.  It doesn't look quite so "Christmasy" in person as it does in the picture.  The green is a good shade of green, too.  A little washed out by the flash, but its a very good, traditional green color.

This next one is the study.  We went with a very traditional blue color, which will work really well in the room.

This next picture is the bedroom colors upstairs.  It was supposed to be a little less yellow, but we're actually happy with it.  It makes the trim molding really stand out and makes the rooms seem "happy".

I don't have a picture of the room that will be my sewing room because it doesn't have a light in it right now.  I plan on taking some better pictures this weekend that will show the colors in natural light.  The sewing room is much more yellow than the other bedrooms.  Its a good yellow though...something you would find in nature.  I always wanted my sewing room to be yellow and now that I'll actually have a room completely for me, I can have it yellow!

Its exciting at this point.  I almost feel like a little kid saying "are we there yet??!!" but saying "are we done yet?!"  I can't wait to move in and be in OUR house.

I may need some reminding of this when we have feet of snow and have a 700 foot long driveway!  :-)

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