Thursday, November 17, 2011

Almost there!!

Tomorrow is the day!!!!

We're scheduled to close on the house at 1pm tomorrow.  I haven't been over to the house this week with the exception of Monday evening.  I'm trying real hard not to go over after work mainly because I kind of want to be surprised when everything is done on Friday.

Not everything will be 100% done tomorrow, but it will be enough that we can get the certificate of occupancy.  The yard won't be seeded until next year as its too cold now to do it.  Plus, the front doors need to be re-ordered and stained because they accidentally used the wrong stain on the doors the first time.  They tried to strip it and re-stain, but the 2nd stain came out looking very blotchy.  So we will get new doors in about 2-3 weeks time, but for now, we'll be able to move in with the existing doors.

One of the pendant lights over the island also won't be finished until next week.  Its a low-voltage LED light and the transformer in it was bad.  So we currently have 2 lights installed and the 3rd will get installed once the new transformer arrives.

The big plus is that all the appliances are installed...including the dishwasher!  Our old house had a dishwasher, but our rental did not.  After washing dishes by hand for the past 6 months, I can't wait to have that dishwasher back again!  While washing dishes isn't too terribly hard and I don't mind doing it occasionally or washing pots/pans that don't go in a dishwasher, its terribly frustrating to have to hand wash EVERYTHING. 

Let's see.... what else....  the sewing/quilting stuff is all packed up again.  Everything is in boxes again and ready to move.  It will take a while to unpack things, but I'm hoping that with my husband having to go to the doctor's one day next week that I'll have that day where I can unpack my quilting stuff. :-)  I'll have an entire room dedicated to my sewing, which will be a first for me.  There's nothing too awfully special about the room, just a standard bedroom, but its just for me!  I was able to pick a very happy yellow color for the room.  The builder even put in a dedicated line for the iron. :-)  Our last place, while it was only built in 2004, had issues when the iron kicked on.  The iron was a new one, but whenever it kicked on, the lights would dim in the room.  Very frustrating.  So I have a dedicated electrical line in the new room such that the lights won't be affected by the iron.

Anyway - only one more day and the house will be ours!! :-)

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