Friday, September 5, 2008

More Quilts

After a few posts of nothing but text, I figure I better give you a teaser of some pictures. :-) We're all very visual people and while I've been looking at blogs with lots of photos, I sometimes get lazy and don't post any on here.

Anyway, so here's the baby quilt I've been working on. I have the quilting about 60% done and I decided to use red colored thread. The only problem was that the local quilt store only had little small spools of the thread and it ran out pretty quickly. I bought some more online (since I knew the color code of the one I wanted) and hopefully it will arrive this weekend. I tried quilting some diamonds in the middle of the big blocks, but they didn't look right so I had to unquilt them. I think I may just do boxes within the big square to anchor it a little. I'm also debating about whether I should put diagonal lines the opposite way of the ones currently on there. I think I'll decide once I get the other squares quilted a bit.

The next photo is of fabric I bought this past weekend at Joann's. They had some pretty good sales for Labor Day and I got a bunch of fat quarters for different quilts. The first one is going to be titled Garden Pleasures and it uses the Yellow Brick Road pattern from Atkinson's. The person I'm making it for likes purple, so there's definitely a lot of purple in the quilt, but I had to mix it up with some greens, blues and yellows. I have a tendency to go for the really bold colors and just pair them up to get the look I want, but eventually I think I'm going to have to try some medium toned colors.

This last one is a picture of some fat quarters I bought off eBay a while ago. Amazingly, I paid about $0.75 for each fat quarter when all was said and done. This quilt is going to be titled Rainbow 9-Patch and is going to have the multicolored 9-patches set on point bordered by black and white. My husband thought the black was a little much, but I wanted it to look somewhat like a picture in a frame with the black frame really setting off the colors on the interior.

There's no telling when I'll actually get to these as I have to finish up the baby quilt, then finish piecing the border to our queen sized quilt. Then I'm going to start the Garden Pleasures quilt. Hopefully I will get better at posting pictures! In the meantime....

Happy Quilting! ~Sarah

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