Monday, December 1, 2008

Turkey Day

Now that I've recovered from stuffing myself silly on Thanksgiving... :-)

Thanksgiving was a busy and somewhat hectic day. We went to my parents (out near Syracuse) for Thanksgiving on Wednesday night after work. The traffic was horrendous! It was the worst we've ever seen on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. At times, we were only going about 40 mph when the freeway speed limit was 65. It was a little weird because we thought the trip would be quick since when we got on the Thruway, traffic in the "slow" lane was travelling at 80 mph. However, shortly after passing Amsterdam, it dropped down to about 70-75, then towards Utica it really bogged down and that's when we were travelling at 40 mph for far too long!

Thanksgiving day itself we spent at my Aunt's house with the extended family. There were about 35 people crammed into the house, but thankfully there were a few quieter places to hang out. I ended up making some hot apple cider to take with us and I carved the turkey when we got there. Somehow I ended up doing it one year and I did a good job. I've had to do it every year since then. We had a good time visiting with people we hadn't since in a year and stuffing our faces. Hahaha!

We spent all of Friday and about half of Saturday also at my parents. I helped put up the small Christmas tree in the living room and its fully decorated. Rich and I both helped put up the big tree in the family room (its about 12 feet tall), but that one didn't get decorated while we were there.

The rest of the weekend was spent watching NCIS and doing just about nothing. ;-) It was perfect! I didn't do any quilting, which is a little sad, but the time spent doing nothing and just relaxing was definitely needed. I've been pretty stressed out lately due to a lot of things and the down-time was necessary. I feel a bit recharged now, but not quite. Hopefully I'll be able to hang on another 3-1/2 weeks until I have Christmas break. That will be a busy time, too, but I won't have to go to work for almost 2 weeks. Yippee!

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