Monday, January 26, 2009

Quilty Pictures

I actually got some things accomplished tonight despite it being an EXTREMELY long day at work. Not only did I go to class (a work training class that meets 3 hours every Monday and has homework - yuck!), but I made dinner, finished adding some borders to a quilt, and took some photos. I also managed to break a needle in my sewing machine (a first for me).

I'm usually ultra careful about putting things close to the needle while its moving. Unfortunately, my little stylus that I use to keep seams together right up to the needle got a little close. A HUGE pop and twang and the needle was in pieces. Thankfully it didn't damage the quilt (or more importantly the machine) and I just needed to put a new needle in after finding all the pieces of the last one. I also got some binding strips sewn together for the Rainbow quilt. I decided to use strips of all the colors that I used in the 9-patches for the binding and it works out pretty much perfectly. Now I just need to find time to quilt it!

So here's the quilt that I picked up this past weekend from the longarm quilter, Karen. She did a fabulous job. I didn't have time to really spread it out, so its just a few pictures of some of the squares. I used the traditional Fifty-Four Forty or Fight pattern with just a slight modification to the middle square (solid instead of a 4-patch). I still haven't figured out what I want to call it though. No matter.... it will be weeks before I can get the binding on it. ;-)

I tried to get some photos of the music notes in it, but its hard to see on the white fabric. Karen didn't want to make the quilting stand out too much, which was perfect for this quilt. I'll definitely go back to her when I have a few more large ones.

I also made a quick little "blanket" for the bear my mother-in-law made for us. It was really just some testing of methods, but it seemed to fit right with him. Sorry about the quality of the photo... the flash on the camera wasn't that great since the battery was low.

Finally, here's the picture of the Rainbow quilt. Its not quite rainbow colors, but it seems cheerful. Now its JUST a matter of quilting it! :-) It will be a while before I get to this one as I have two others in line before it.

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