Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lots o' Pictures :-)

Last night when I got home from work, look what I found waiting for me. The strawberries were absolutely delicious! And they were still warm from the sun. Yum!!


While snacking on my strawberries I had a chance to enjoy some of the flowers in the garden. Its taken a little while for things to start blooming, but now that we've gotten some rain and a lot of sun, they've really taken off. Here's one of the annuals we put in this year. I absolutely love the orange color on them.


After admiring things for a while, I went inside and got changed so that I could start mowing the lawn. I mowed about three strips and went to empty the mower bag and look what I saw in the other part of the yard!! The turtle was HUGE! At least huge for our area. I had never seen a turtle in our yard before (we've seen lots of rabbits, chipmunks, snakes, frogs...). This one was a large snapper, so there was no way I was going near the front end of that thing. Apparently she was looking for a nice place to lay her eggs and tried to find it in our rose garden. Thankfully she moved on before she could dig a large hole. When she started heading toward the road, my neighbor across the street was nice enough to come and move her for me so that she wouldn't go into the road. She was none too happy about being picked up though. You could hear her snapping her jaws shut from 15 feet away!




After the turtle excitement, I didn't get a lot of the lawn mowed! Oops! ;-) I finished up the first half or so and my husband finished the rest up while I sprayed the roses and went inside to fix dinner. I did get some sewing done last night. I was able to get all the remaining rows sewn last night and laid them out. There's only one color missing from the picture below, which is a very dark red...almost a brick color.



Now I just need to iron and re-cut the setting triangles for the ends of the rows. Hopefully this time I'll cut the right size or even a little big is OK...just not too small again. ;-)

Happy Quilting! ~Sarah

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