Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stash Busting - 6/14/2009

Another week down and not a lot of sewing done. Work has decided to be very busy later this year and I've been trying my hardest to work ahead as much as I can. We also went out to visit friends many nights this week, so no quilting on those nights. I think the only thing I got done on the "quilty" front is cutting my HST that I messed up last time. I did test it this time before I cut all of them, so at least I know this time they'll work. :-)

I was able to completely finish sewing the rows for the Rainbow Skies top. The rows aren't put together yet as I need to put the triangles on the ends of the rows first, but the top is about halfway done. Here's some of the rows that I had laid out earlier this week:


On the house front...we are having another open house today. We actually had someone call to request a showing for today, so they are going to come during the open house. At least now we've had someone purposely call to come see the house. Our roses are really flourishing now, so maybe that will tempt somoene to give an offer. ;-) here's my stash numbers. I used a little bit this week with finish up the rows, but I added the fabric that I bought last weekend for the baby I'm still in the red.

Fabric Added this Week: 6.50 yards
Fabric Added YTD: 107 yards

Fabric Used this Week: 1.25 yards
Fabric Used YTD: 18.62 yards

Net Fabric: <88.38> yards

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Mary-Kay C. said...

Wow! That quilt looks really beautiful. I wonder what the whole thing will look like. Keep us posted.