Monday, July 6, 2009


Around the middle of June, we had a pretty bad hail storm come through one evening. We ended up losing power for about 3 hours which is a very long time for us. The power lines in our development are all underground, but the storm took out the power everywhere around us so there wasn't any way for the electricity to get to us. Our roses survived the storm, but many of our other plants really took a beating. Here's some photos as the storm was ending (just rain coming down at this point) and you can see the amount of hail that we received....


This past weekend, after spending July 3rd at my parents' visiting them, we were back here in the Albany area. Saturday afternoon we decided to go hiking at a local nature preserve. We've been there before and saw some nice waterfalls, but we thought with all the rain we've had recently that the waterfalls should be really good. And they were! ;-) We took some pictures above the first waterfall and leaning out over the waterfall. Then we were able to hike down to the base of the first and second waterfalls. Our feet got a little wet, but not too bad. Enjoy the nature shots!

Plotter Kill Nature Preserve

Entrance Bridge

Part of the upper stream

1st Waterfall from above

1st Waterfall - looking down below

1st waterfall - leaning over the edge to get an awesome shot

Stream below the 1st waterfall

stream below 1st waterfall again

Base of 1st waterfall

Closeup of 1st waterfall

Another close-up

2nd Waterfall
There's another set of waterfalls further down the gorge, but we were starting to get a little tired and decided it was best to call it quits at that point. We could have hiked further in, but then you have to get back out!! Next time we go we'll probably get down to the other set of waterfalls.

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