Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Reading

When I was in high school, I used to spend my summers reading tons of books.  In one summer, I read ALL of John Grisham's books...which is quite a feat I think considering his books are typically pretty large.  I think I read about 50 books each summer.  Now this was partly due to the fact that my parents had a summer home by a lake.  When I say summer home, its a 1 story, 1 bathroom, 2 bedroom home that was only about 1000 sq ft.  Considering we had 8 people (yes EIGHT) staying in this home, no wonder I wanted to spend all my time outside reading. ;-)

I'm now trying to spend more time reading versus sitting on the computer or watching TV at night.  Sometimes this cuts into my quilting time since most of my TV watching happens when I'm either quilting or working on my needlepoint.  Head on over to my "books" page to see what I've been reading.

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teletypeturtle said...

Hey guess what i'm reading now. I got an iPhone and it has some free e-book apps (like Kindle for iPhone and iBooks). So I said... hey. why not. I downloaded a bunch of free public domain books. I'm reading War and Peace. Man is it LOOOOONG. And it's about Napoleon's time period. So now I guess I have to go look up some history about Napoleon & Russia because the characters keep talking about politics and I don't understand what's going on. LOL