Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August Goals - Post #1

Since I seemed to do pretty well last month with my goals, I'm trying it again this month.  I've added a tab at the top of my blog for "Goals & To Do List".  This will be where I keep the running progress of my goals, but I'll also post here for the larger updates to it.  So here's what I plan to accomplish in August:

  1. Post weekly on blog.  -- I'm currently at post #2 for this month.
  2. Assemble all 30 blocks for "Shine on Bayou Cane" quilt.
  3. Read 3 books. -- I'm currently reading "Gods & Kings" by Lynn Austin.
  4. Finish page 11 on "Starry Night" needlepoint.
  5. Assemble "Patches & Pinwheels" for Tim & Liz's baby boy.

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