Thursday, September 15, 2011

Vacation! Wahoo!

No...I'm not going on vacation any time soon.  I have to wait until the first week of November for my next day off from work.

However, work did send out an email last night saying they're changing our benefits for 2012.  Now, most people went ahead and deleted the email since most times when they make benefits changes...its not for the good!  This time though, people were forwarding and re-reading the email and PDF file multiple times.

Policies are changing such that if you have 1-5 years of service, you get 3 weeks of vacation (versus 2).  Between 5 and 15 years of service you get 4 weeks (it used to be at 5 years you got 3 weeks of vacation and then at 10 years you get 4 weeks).  There were some other minor changes, but the big one was the vacation time.  All of these changes are effective January 1st.

Luckily for me, not only would I get the 3 weeks of vacation starting January 1st because I have 1-5 years of experience, I hit my 5-year anniversary next year. :-)  So I'll go from 2 weeks of vacation this year to 4 weeks next year.  I'm liking the fact that I'll be doubling my vacation time. 

Quilting classes I come!

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