Friday, January 13, 2012

First Real Snowfall

Here we are in the middle of January and we're JUST starting to get snow.  This year has been a very mild winter in upstate NY, which I have to say, I'm glad its been easy and mild.  I'd rather have snow just starting now than already being under several feet of snow.  My husband (a snowboard enthusiast) is not quite as happy.

We had our first real snowfall of the year yesterday and here's some pictures of the house.  It was very pretty with the clean white snow everywhere.  The guys hadn't come to plow the driveway yet, so the only thing to "mar" the snow was the tire tracks from my husband's car.

I like the red siding of the house even more with the snow surrounding the house.  The only thing we have to figure out is a better way to keep our wood pile dry.  On the left side of the porch, you can see our wood pile covered with snow.  This is just a "temporary" wood pile for keeping it a little dryer and easier to get to when we're burning wood.  To the right of the house (not in the picture) is our real wood pile that has LOTS of wood and is covered by a tarp.


DonnaD said...

Hi Sarah! What sort of frame/machine combo are you using to quilt your tops? And that is a gorgeous house!!

Donna (Danley) Davison (Stota '92)

Diane Houck said...

Sarah, Your home is beautiful. And, I have to side with Rich. That blanket of snow adds to it's woodland beauty ;-)